Problems with differential diagnostics of seborrheic dermatitis and plaque psoriasis by the exampleof a particular case study

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A clinical case of psoriasis with involvement of scalp and armpits areas is presented. Differential diagnosis was made
between psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. The diagnosis of psoriasis was confirmed morphologically. Mometasone
furoate lotion was selected for topical therapy of intertriginous areas (armpits), and the symptoms were eliminated after
one week of treatment. For the reason of extensive scaling, betametasone plus salicylic acid lotion was administered to
the scalp area, with significant symptoms improvement by 14th day of treatment. This case illustrates the importance of
proper choice of the form of therapy, namely, topical steroid - mometasone furoate, with proper consideration of the
characteristics and localization of inflammatory process.

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A V Samtsov



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