Application of a preparation of imiquimod in а dosage form of ointment 5% in therapy of basal cell carcinoma

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Objective. To estimate efficiency and safety of application of a preparation of Aldara (imiquimod, 5% external application cream) it is independent or in combination with cryotherapy in therapy of the basal cell carcinoma of the skin (BCC). Material and methods. Research included 78 patients (22 women and 56 men) with various forms of a basal cell carcinoma of the skin. All patients were divided into 3 groups: the main group (n = 30) the patients receiving therapy by Aldara (imiquimod, 5% external application cream) made, second (n = 21) - the patients receiving therapy by Aldara’s, and also 1 course of cryotherapy, and the group of comparison (n = 27) receiving therapy of placebo in the form of external application cream. Therapy was carried out 3 times a week, within 16 weeks. Research was conducted in some stages with histologic confirmation of the diagnosis, and also an assessment of efficiency of therapy and undesirable effects. Results. At 27 of 30 patients of the first group (90%) and at 21 of 21 patients of the second group (100%) receiving treatment by Aldara’s absolute clinical recovery is reached. In group of comparison of clinical recovery at all 27 patients it wasn’t observed. It is expedient to note that at all patients of the second group (100%) already to 75 ± to the 2nd day of therapy (the 4th visit) clinical recovery while at 27 of 30 patients of the first group (90%) the total disappearance (clinical recovery) came for 105 and more days (the 5th and 6th visits) was noted. Recurrence of a disease after the end of therapy it wasn’t observed. Conclusion. Aldara (imiquimod, 5% external application cream) possesses high efficiency at therapy of various forms and sizes of BCC. Undesirable effects of therapy are easily resolved at cancellation of a preparation and not observed at its renewal. Unlike other immunomodulatory preparations (corticosteroids, retinoid, cyclosporin) Aldar’s application doesn’t promote suppression of cellular immunity.

About the authors

D. V. Zaslavsky

Saint-Petersburg state pediatric medical university

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

I. N. Chuprov

North-West state medical university of I.I. Mechnikov

Russian Federation

A. A. Sidikov

Saint-Petersburg state pediatric medical university

Russian Federation

PIER Wolkensteyn

Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, Hôpital Henri-Mondor

Russian Federation

A. I. Sadykov

Medical centre XXI vek

Russian Federation

R. R. Sibgatullin

Leningrad regional oncological clinic

Russian Federation

Y. G. Koval

Clinic of skin diseases of Pierre Wolkenstein

Russian Federation

S. V. Skrek

North-West state medical university of I.I. Mechnikov; Clinic of skin diseases of Pierre Wolkenstein

Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2015 Zaslavsky D.V., Chuprov I.N., Sidikov A.A., Wolkensteyn P., Sadykov A.I., Sibgatullin R.R., Koval Y.G., Skrek S.V.

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