Gonococcal infection: diagnostics and therapy tactics according to russian and foreign clinical recommendations

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The article discusses current approaches to management of adult patients suffering from the gonococcal infection according to federal (national) clinical recommendations of the Russian Society of Dermatovenerologists and Cosmetologists (2013), European Guideline on the Diagnoses and Treatment of Gonorrhoeae in Adults (2012) and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines (CDC, 2010). The article describes indications for gonococcal infection examinations and diagnostics methods presented in Russian and foreign recommendations. The article describes the treatment regimen based on N. gonorrhoeae antibacterial resistance monitoring results.

About the authors

M. R. Rakhmatulina

State Research Center of Dermatovenereology and Cosmetology, Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.
Email: rahmatulina@cnikvi.ru
Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2015 Rakhmatulina M.R.

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