The history of the journal « Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii» goes back to 1924, when, on the initiative of the head of the sexually transmitted infection section of the People's Commissar of Health of the RSFSR, Bronner V. М. The Journal of Venerology and Dermatology began to be published in the State Venereological Institute.

Simultaneously with this edition, the "Moscow Positive and Dermatological Society named after A. I. Pospelov" under the guidance of V.V. In the same year, Ivanova published the journal «Russky Vestnik Dermatologii», which was published before 1931.
As a result of merging the editorial boards of the journals under the leadership of V. Bronner. And Ivanova V.V., in 1932 the journal "Soviet Vestnik of Venereology and Dermatology" was formed, which became a printed edition of the State Venereological Institute and the Moscow Dermatovenerological Society. A. I. Pospelov.

After Ivanov's death, before 1937 the responsible editorial board of Vestnik was headed by V. M. Bronner, G. I.  Meshchersky and I.N. Olesov.

Historical changes in the life of the country could not but affect the history of the publication. In 1938, the magazine was published under the title "Herald of Venerology and Dermatology", and the manual on the issue of the journal was transferred to the People's Commissar for Health of the USSR, and since 1947 the Ministry of Health of the USSR.

Chief editor V.M. Bronner was repressed, with his leaving all the responsibilities for the release of the journal took over P. S. Grigoriev. The magazine «Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii» was published in 1958, and since 1968 it became the printed organ of the USSR Ministry of Health and the All-Union Society of Dermatologists and Venereologists

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