Focal infection theory: past and present

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The authors present a historical review of and current data on the role of the focal infection in the human body as well as possible development of systemic diseases against its background.

About the authors

A. V. Patrushev

Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

A. V. Sukharev

Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russian Federation

A. M. Ivanov

Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russian Federation

A. V. Samtsov

Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2015 Patrushev A.V., Sukharev A.V., Ivanov A.M., Samtsov A.V.

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