Treatment of superficial mycosis of glabrous skin of itraconasole

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The treatment of fungal infections of the skin is actual problem of modern dermatology. The goal of the research. The study of the clinical efficacy, tolerance and safety of the use of the systemic antifungal drug itraconazole (Irunin) in treatment of extensive and often recidivic clinical forms of superficial mycosis of glabrous skin. Material and methods. The authors observed 56 patients aged from 18 to 60 with different clinical forms of dermatomycosis (33 - with extensive pytiriasis vesicolor, 13 - with chronic recidivic tinea pedis, 7 - with extensive mycosis of body and large flexures, 3 - with mycosis of different localizations). All patients received monotherapy of itraconazole (Irunin): two capsules (200 mg) once a day for 7 days, then one capsule (100 mg) once a day for 14 days. The duration of the treatment was 21 days. Results. Clinical and mycological recovery was achieved in all number of the cases. Serious unnecessary effects of treatment was not observed. Conclusions. The results of the study have shown high therapeutic efficacy and good tolerability of antifungal drug itraconazole (Irunin) in the systemic treatment of fungal infections of the skin.

About the authors

M. A. Tarasova

Ryazan Regional Clinical Skin and Venereal Diseases Dispensary

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

E. A. Ermoshina

Ryazan Regional Clinical Skin and Venereal Diseases Dispensary

Russian Federation

I. V. Nagornova

Ryazan Regional Clinical Skin and Venereal Diseases Dispensary

Russian Federation

S. V. Stepanova

Ryazan Regional Clinical Skin and Venereal Diseases Dispensary

Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2015 Tarasova M.A., Ermoshina E.A., Nagornova I.V., Stepanova S.V.

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