A case of psoriasiform syphilid (from clinical practice)

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The current article analyzes a clinical case of general psoriasis-form syphilid in a 28-year patient. Attention is paid to combination of exudative psoriasis and syphilis in in a sex partner. Problems of differential diagnosis for clinical evidence of secondary syphilis and psoriasis were analyzed.

About the authors

S. V. Koshkin

Kirov State Medical Academy

Author for correspondence.
Email: koshkin_sergei@mail.ru
Russian Federation

T. V. Chermnykh

Kirov State Medical Academy

Email: noemail@neicon.ru
Russian Federation

O. S. Kovrova

Kirov Regional Dermatology Hospital

Email: noemail@neicon.ru
Russian Federation

N. YU. Ryabov

Kirov Regional Dermatology Hospital

Email: noemail@neicon.ru
Russian Federation


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