Capabilities of the basic treatment preparations in the combined treatment of psoriasis

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Target. Research of the efficiency of Isida substances in the complex therapy of psoriasis. Маterial and methods. The research comprises 30 patients with psoriasis, treated in hospital (15 — with limited vulgar psoriasis and 15 — with palm and foot psoriasis) with Isida substances (cream gel for dry and sensible face and body skin and cream gel for hands). Results. The good efficiency and tolerance are highlighted: the decrease of PASI index by 53,6% at patients with limited vulgar psoriasis and by 47,4% at patients with palm and foot psoriasis. The dermatologic life quality index at all patients has decreased by 55,9%.

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Возможности средств базового ухода в комплексном лечении псориаза


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