Functional condition of the lip skin: effect of the age and hormone replacementtherapy

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Goal: To assess the effect of the age and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on the functional properties of the lip skin in women.
Materials and methods: The author conducted a comparative study of the functional properties of lips in 4 groups (young women
at the age of 20-34 and 40-49 with regular menstrual cycles, two groups of post-menopausal women taking and not taking HRT).
The following was assessed: degree of skin oiliness on the forehead, on the lower lip - transepidermal waster loss (TEWL), mechanical
deformation and elasticity, color, tactile sensitivity, hydration.
Results: Changes in the TEWL, mechanical deformation and tactile sensitivity are age-related while a more saturated color of the lips may be caused by HRT. Skin oiliness is also related to the hormonal profile in women. No effect of the age or hormonal status
on the moisture content in the lips was revealed. The study confirmed that the upper lip has a greater moisture content than the lower one.
Conclusion: The study revealed a hormonal effect on the skin fat secretion, which reduces during the post-menopausal period and is stimulated by hormone replacement therapy. Age-related changes in the elasticity and tactile sensitivity of the vermilion border
are similar to those in skin parameters.


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