Using the Line Blot Syphilis test system for diagnosingsyphilis by the linear immunoblotting method


ZAO ECOlab (Russia) developed Line Blot Syphilis, a new test system on the basis of the linear immunoblotting method
using Treponema рallidum recombinant antigens. The article assessed the diagnostic value of the Line Blot Syphilis test
system in the form of a confirmatory test. As a part of the conducted study, the test system demonstrated its absolute
sensitivity and specificity to serum-positive (n = 237) and serum-negative (n = 114) samples, in which the presence
or absence of Т.pallidum antibodies was confirmed by two treponemal tests. As a result of examining 14 samples
attributed to doubtful analytes based on two test results (passive hemagglutination test and immunofluorescence test
with absorption), the data compliance between the Line Blot Syphilis test system and data from INNO-LIA Syphilis Score
amounted to 100% (14/14) or 93% (13/14) for the immune-enzyme assay and 57% (8/14) for the immunofluorescence
test with absorption. It is recommended to use the Line Blot Syphilis test system (ZAO ECOlab) as a confirmatory syphilis


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