The roots of international dermatology


This article gives historical overview of the development of international and European dermatovenereological societies.
The first European Dermatological Society and the first world Venereological Society open in Russia. Taking into
consideration the fact that it was the first officially registered national dermatological society whereas Municipal Society
of New York and American National Society were not registered by state authorities, the Russian Society is regarded
here as the first world official dermatological society. This article reviews the proffesional development of Prof Benjamin
Mikhialovitch Tarnowsky (1837-1906) the most significant dermatovenerologist, influenced the development of world
and Russian dermatovenerology, worked in the first world hospital specifically devoted to venereology, Kalinkinskaya
Hospital ( founded in 1750, Saint Petersburg).
Depicts XII International Congress, held in Moscow in August 7-14th, 1897, where the dermotology section was
represented by internationally recognized scientists. Among speakers Kaposi (Wien), Hallopeau (Paris), Gaucher (Paris),
Barthelemy(Paris), Wolf (Strassburg), Rosenthal (Berlin), Nikolsky (Kiev), Lindstrem (Kiev), Jullien (Paris), Poper-
Mor (Budapest), Schwimmer (Budapest), Pospelov (Moscow), Tarnowsky( Saint Petersburg); such sientists as Unna,
Campana, Lassar, Soffiantini, van Hoorn, Vatrashevsky, Yakovlev, Sack participated in the discussion.

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