Changes in the hormonal status of patients with focal psoriasis vulgaris


Cell differentiation affections substantiate the urgency of the problem related to studying mutual impact of primary or
secondary endocrine pathology and hyperproliferative skin diseases. Psoriasis is one of the most demonstrative pathologies
for this study for being a prevalent and genetically predetermined disease with a chronic and relapsing course characterized
by increased proliferation of keratinocytes, abnormal differentiation process of epidermis cells, inflammatory and immune
changes in derma, and dyshormonal disorders are among factors triggering the disease. The study involved 61 male patients.
The study group (n = 43) comprised patients with circumscribed psoriasis vulgaris at the progression stage while the control
group (n = 18) comprised healthy people. Blood concentration of such hormones as prolactin and cortisone was assessed
by the immune-enzyme assay method. An increased cortisone concentration in patients suffering from psoriasis vs. control
group was revealed. Psoriatic patients tend to have an increased prolactin level.


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