Vol 87, No 5 (2011)

Order № 144 About introduction of amendments to the Orderissued by the Ministry of Health Care of the Russian Federationon November 1, 2002 under No. 334 About the list of chieffreelance experts of the Ministry of Russia in Federal Districts ofthe Russian Federation



Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):4-7
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Glavnye spetsialisty po dermatovenerologii i kosmetologii v federal'nykh okrugakh


About specialists

Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):8-11
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On the 90th anniversary of FGBU State research center fordermatology and venereology, Ministry of health care andsocial development of the Russian Federation


On the 90th anniversary

Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):13-23
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Efficiency of information technologies in the process of rendering specialized dermatovenerologicalaid to the population of the Russian Federation

Martynov A.A., Pirogova E.V., MARTYNOV A.A., PIROGOVA Y.V.


The authors present the results of a detailed analysis of information and telecommunications resources of regional dermatovenerological institutions, describe major principles for establishing a common information system in the health care system of the Russian Federation, and substantiate organizational and medical efficiency of introduction of an information analytical system for monitoring the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):24-31
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Specialized teenager centers for prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections: resultsof operations and prospects of development

Rakhmatulina M.R., Vasil'eva M.Y., RAKHMATULLINA M.R., VASILIYEVA M.Y.


The authors describe an experience of organizing specialized centers for teenagers dealing with prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, cover major principles of rendering medical aid to underage patients suffering from urogenital infectious diseases, and describe major prevention activities of specialized centers operating in subjects of the Russian Federation.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):32-40
pages 32-40 views

Up-to-date non-invasive visualization technologies in dermatology

Shtirshnayder Y.Y., Michenko A.V., Katunina O.R., Zubarev A.R., SHTIRSHNEIDER Y.Y., MICHENKO A.V., KATUNINA O.R., ZUBAREV A.R.


The authors present a review of up-to-date non-invasive visualization methods used in diagnostics of diseases of skin and its appendages. They describe physical principles forming the basis for non-invasive visualization methods such as dermatoscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy, optical video monitoring, optical topometry, optical coherent tomography, ultrasound scanning, 3D-modeling. They also describe the potential of practical application of these diagnostics methods at the current stage of their development. The authors have demonstrated that it is possible to reduce the clinicians need in biopsy diagnostics due to the high information value of non-invasive visual diagnostics methods.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):41-52
pages 41-52 views

Modern approaches and prospects of development of laboratory diagnostics for sexuallytransmitted infections

Kubanova A.A., Frigo N.V., Rotanov S.V., Solomka V.S., Plakhova K.I., Rakhmatulina M.R., Manuk'yan T.E., KUBANOVA A.A., FRIGO N.V., ROTANOV S.V., SOLOMKA V.S., PLAKHOVA K.I., RAKHMATULLINA M.R., MANUKIAN T.Y.


The authors provide a comparison of modern approaches to the use of well-known laboratory methods for diagnostics of syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and urogenital clamidiosis, which are approved in the world science and practice. They also examine promising directions in the development of up-to-date laboratory technologies (biomicrochips, multiprimer PCR, mass spectrometry, PLEX-ID technology, immunoblotting, chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA), xMAP, pyrosequencing) for detecting STD pathogens, which is necessary to make an etiological diagnosis and determine efficient methods of treatment minimizing the period of time required for examination of patients.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):54-63
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Markers of efficacy of Infliximab in psoriasis patients

Kubanova A.A., Znamenskaya L.F., Frigo N.V., Volkov I.A., Rotanov S.V., Rezaykina A.V., KUBANOVA A.A., ZNAMENSKAYA L.F., FRIGO N.V., VOLKOV I.A., ROTANOV S.V., REZAIKINA A.V.


The article presents the results of molecular and genetic studies aimed at determination of molecular markers for forecasting the clinical response of psoriasis patients to treatment with Infliximab. The authors revealed that it is possible to forecast high efficacy of treatment with Infliximab in case TT genotype is revealed at the 676 locus of exon 6 of the TNF-RII gene and IL-10 is present in the blood serum prior to the onset of treatment in the amount of more than 2.7 pg/ml.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):64-69
pages 64-69 views

Immunohistochemical analysis of molecular cell structures of genetic and adaptive immunityin patients suffering from psoriasis in the course of biological therapy

Katunina O.R., KATUNINA O.R.


The author used the immunohistochemical method to study an effect of the biological modifier of immune reactions of Infliximab on immunopathogenetic mechanisms directly in the affected skin of patients suffering from psoriasis.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):70-77
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The role of T-regulatory cells in the pathogenesis of psoriasis

Khayrutdinov V.R., Mikhaylichenko A.F., Mukhina M.S., Samtsov A.V., Imyanitov E.N., Ivanov A.M., KHAIRUTDINOV V.R., MICHAILICHENCO A.F., MUKHINA M.A., SAMTSOV A.V., IMYANITOV E.N., IVANOV A.M.


T-regulatory cells control the strength and duration of immune response and play an important role in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. The goal of the study was to examine the content of T-regulatory cells in peripheral blood and affected skin of psoriasis patients, the level of FOXP3 mRNA expression in psoriatic skin. Determination of subpopulations of T-regulatory lymphocytes in peripheral blood was performed using flow cytometry. The median level of FOXP3 mRNA expression was determined in biopsies of the skin by PCR in real time. Immunohistochemistry was performed with monoclonal anti- FOXP3 antibodies. Revealed an increase in the relative content of T-regulatory cells in the peripheral blood of patients with psoriasis in the progressive period, compared with healthy people. The level of FOXP3 mRNA expression in psoriatic foci was 3.1 times higher than in healthy individuals. Was noted a 10-fold increase in the number of T-regulatory lymphocytes in the skin of psoriasis patients in the progressive period, compared with skin from healthy donors.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):78-85
pages 78-85 views

Changes in the hormonal status of patients with focal psoriasis vulgaris

Vasil'ev A.G., Zaslavskiy D.V., Trashkov A.P., Kravtsova A.A., Kazikhanova S.R., Khayrutdinov V.R., Khvedelidze M.G., VASILIYEV A.G., ZASLAVSKY D.V., TRASHKOV A.P., KRAVTSOVA A.A., KAZIKHANOVA S.R., KHAIRUTDINOV V.R., KHVEDELIDZE M.G.


Cell differentiation affections substantiate the urgency of the problem related to studying mutual impact of primary or secondary endocrine pathology and hyperproliferative skin diseases. Psoriasis is one of the most demonstrative pathologies for this study for being a prevalent and genetically predetermined disease with a chronic and relapsing course characterized by increased proliferation of keratinocytes, abnormal differentiation process of epidermis cells, inflammatory and immune changes in derma, and dyshormonal disorders are among factors triggering the disease. The study involved 61 male patients. The study group (n = 43) comprised patients with circumscribed psoriasis vulgaris at the progression stage while the control group (n = 18) comprised healthy people. Blood concentration of such hormones as prolactin and cortisone was assessed by the immune-enzyme assay method. An increased cortisone concentration in patients suffering from psoriasis vs. control group was revealed. Psoriatic patients tend to have an increased prolactin level.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):88-90
pages 88-90 views

Development of the molecular typing protocol for C. Trachomatis based on the sequencing of ompa,pbpb, ct046, ct058, ct144, ct172 genes

Frigo N.V., Solomka V.S., Kozhushnaya O.S., Rakhmatulina M.R., Plakhova K.I., FRIGO N.V., SOLOMKA V.S., KOZHUSHNAYA O.S., RAKHMATULINA M.R., PLAKHOVA K.I.


The article is devoted to the development and validation of a standard operating procedure entitled «Molecular typing of С. trachomatis for assessment of the clonal structure and extent of genetic diversity of С. trachomatis strains circulating in the territory of the Russian Federation.» The studies that involved the typing of C. trachomatis strains obtained from regions of the Russian Federation with the use of six c. trachomatis genes (ompA, СТ046, cT058, cT144, cT172 and pbpB) revealed their significant heterogenicity with the prevalence of the E serotype. However, the typing of c. trachomatis for six genes at one time seems to be too time-consuming and long-lasting and is hard to be interpreted, which explains the need to develop other typing protocols using a smaller number of relevant genes (not more than two or three - by analogy with NG-MAST).
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):91-97
pages 91-97 views

Problems with differential diagnostics of seborrheic dermatitis and plaque psoriasis by the exampleof a particular case study

Samtsov A.V., SAMTSOV A.V.


A clinical case of psoriasis with involvement of scalp and armpits areas is presented. Differential diagnosis was made between psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. The diagnosis of psoriasis was confirmed morphologically. Mometasone furoate lotion was selected for topical therapy of intertriginous areas (armpits), and the symptoms were eliminated after one week of treatment. For the reason of extensive scaling, betametasone plus salicylic acid lotion was administered to the scalp area, with significant symptoms improvement by 14th day of treatment. This case illustrates the importance of proper choice of the form of therapy, namely, topical steroid - mometasone furoate, with proper consideration of the characteristics and localization of inflammatory process.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):98-
pages 98- views

Characteristics of the course of atopic dermatitis in children residing under conditions ofanthropogenic pollution

Perlamutrov Y.N., Klyuchnikova D.E., PERLAMUTROV Y.N., KLYUCHNIKOVA D.Y.


Goal: to assess the impact of environmentally hazardous factors on the formation of atopic dermatitis (AD) in children. Materials and methods: 108 children aged 1-18 were engaged in the study. The AD severity was analyzed based on the SCORAD index, data from the medical history and frequency of development of complications in children depending on the place of their residence. The elemental composition of hair was analyzed to assess the impact of anthropogenic pollution on childrens organisms. The Southeastern Administrative District (SEAD), which is unfavorable in terms of ecologic environment, and Western Administrative District (WAD) in Moscow, which is free of any human-induced pollution, were chosen as comparison areas. Results: More severe forms of AD in terms of clinical manifestations prevailed in children residing in the SEAD. The number of exacerbations per year was three times as high as the same index in children from the WAD, and there was no trend towards seasonality. The course of AD in children permanently residing in the district with human-induced pollution was characterized by complications with the accumulation of toxic elements in hair against the background of deficiency of essential elements as well as increased elimination of calcium from organisms resulting in low adaptive regulatory mechanisms. Conclusion: when children suffering from AD reside in a highly polluted area on a regular basis, this results in chronic intoxication of their organisms with heavy metals, which leads to deficiency of essential elements, reduction of adaptive mechanisms and severe course of dermatitis.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):102-107
pages 102-107 views

A rare case study of a female patient suffering from Kyrle disease (hyperkeratosis follicularis etparafollicularis in cutem penetrans)

L'vov A.N., Katunina O.R., Matushevskaya Y.I., Svishchenko S.I., Voytsekhovskaya M.A., LVOV A.N., KATUNINA O.R., MATUSHEVSKAYA Y.I., SVISHCHENKO S.I., VOITSEKHOVSKAYA M.A.


The article presents a literature review and case study of a rare form of dermatitis in a female patient aged 61 - Kyrle disease (hyperkeratosis follicularis et parafollicularis in cutem penetrans). It also provides a detailed description of the clinical picture and differential diagnostics of the disease. The following typical changes were observed based on the results of histological examination: epidermic invaginations filled with corneous masses and areas of focal parakeratosis. Essential improvement in skin process dynamics was achieved against the background of treatment with Acitretin.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):108-
pages 108- views

Sinus histiocytosis (Rosai-Dorfman disease): a clinical observation

L'vov A.N., Voloshchuk I.N., Varshavskiy V.A., Gorbacheva Y.V., Bobko S.I., LVOV A.N., VOLOSHCHUK I.N., VARSHAVSKY V.A., GORBACHEVA Y.V., BOBKO S.I.


The authors characterized a heterogeneous group of a rare disease - Langerhans and non-Langerhans cell histiocytosis, and analyzed key differential and diagnostic differences between these forms of the disease. A very rare case of non- Langerhans cell histiocytosis (Rosai-Dorfman disease) in a female patient aged 63 with the subsequent spontaneous regression of eruptions was described. Key skin manifestations of the Rosai-Dorfman disease included papular eruptions of the typical intense pink color with a yellowish and brown tint. Morphologic changes were characterized by proliferation of histiocytes and accumulation of different lipids and pentalamellar markers (S-100 protein, СD 14, СD 68, lysozyme) in their cytoplasm. Though the Rosai-Dorfman disease usually involves lymph nodes, this case was characterized by unaffected nodular structures.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):115-120
pages 115-120 views

A case of the Neu-Laxova syndrome

Melashenko T.V., Milyavskaya I.R., Leina L.M., MELASHENKO T.V., MILYAVSKAYA I.R., LEINA L.M.


Neu-Laxova syndrome is a rare lethal genetic disorder characterized by multiple congenital abnormalities, microcephaly and ichthyosiform skin lesions. The authors describe a case of this syndrome in a newborn baby.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):121-124
pages 121-124 views

What is a combination treatment and how it may be used in onychomycosis

Sergeev Y.V., Sergeev V.Y., SERGEEV Y.V., SERGEEV A.Y.


Combination treatment of onychomycosis is based on supplementation of systemic antifungal therapy with different topical techniques, which now include antifungal nail lacquers. Controversies in establishing potential and efficacy of combination treatment in onychomycosis may be overcome by rational administration of any treatment modality after careful evaluation of both the disease and the patient. Application of antifungal nail varnishes such as 8% ciclopirox offers several benefits in treating onychomycosis. With improved efficacy and safety, onychomycosis combination therapy appears to be less expensive and more reliable in terms of reduced rates of relapse and re-infection. Russian and international clinical trials and studies with ciclopirox nail lacquer have revealed the indications and proved the high effectiveness of certain algorithms of combination treatment.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):125-130
pages 125-130 views

Innovative therapy of severe forms of acne

Perlamutrov Y.N., Ol'khovskaya K.B., Lyapon A.O., Tsar'kova Y.V., PERLAMUTROV Y.N., OLKHOVSKAYA K.B., LYAPON A.O., TSARKOVA Y.V.


Цель: определение эффективности и безопасности препарата Акнекутан при лечении тяжелых и резистентных к другим методам лечения форм акне. Материал и методы. Под наблюдением находились 25 больных акне тяжелой степени и резистентных к другим методам лечения, которые получали в качестве монотерапии препарат Акнекутан. Эффективность и безопасность проводимой терапии оценивались на основании динамики показателей дерматологического индекса акне (ДИА), себуметрии и биохимического исследования крови. Результаты. Применение Акнекутана способствовало достижению полной клинической ремиссии у 92% больных и выраженному клиническому улучшению у 2% пациентов со снижением продукции кожного сала. Заключение. Акнекутан обладает высокой эффективностью и хорошей переносимостью при лечении тяжелых и персистирующих форм акне.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):132-136
pages 132-136 views

Algorithm for external treatment of dermatoses of mixed etiology

Belousova T.A., Goryachkina M.V., BELOUSOVA T.A., GORYACHKINA M.V.


There has been an increase in the number of dermatology patients suffering from several concomitant skin diseases of different etiology for the past decade. A special term - dermatoses of mixed etiology (DME) - was suggested to describe this group of diseases. According to the authors, long-term uninterrupted treatment with one-component topical drugs or unreasonable administration of three-component combination agents is the most frequent reason for DME. The authors describe their positive experience of administering Travocort as a part of DME treatment. The effect of the drug was observed as early as on the second day of its administration: there was an active regression of hyperemia, edemas and skin oozing lesions in the foci. Itching and stinging disappeared almost completely, which also alleviated the patients condition. On Days 3-4, no formation of new vesicles was observed, there were no oozing lesions, and erosion cuticularization began on an active basis. Therefore, Travocort is a highly efficient drug for treatment of infectious dermatoses complicated with eczematization as well as chronic inflammatory diseases exacerbated by a concomitant fungous and bacterial infection.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):138-144
pages 138-144 views

Immunotherapy with isoprinosine as an adjuvant or independent method of treatment for patientswith papilloma viral infection

Solov'ev A.M., SOLOVIYOV A.M.


Isoprinosine (an immunotropic drug) has been well-known since the 1970s and is registered in most European countries. One of indications for its use is treatment of patients with papilloma viral infection. This article describes methods and efficacy of using Isoprinosine for such patients. The drug is administered as an adjuvant therapy in addition to destructive treatment methods or as a monotherapy. The literature review given in the article shows that the use of Isoprinosine increases the efficacy of destructive treatment methods, reduces the frequency of recurrences, normalizes the morphological picture of exocervix and endocervix, and results in the termination of the release of human papilloma virus from lesions.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):146-151
pages 146-151 views

Effect of the mesotherapy with the use of Ekyced P.I. cream on age-related changes in skin

Rozhanets A.R., mesotherapy with the use of Ekyced P.R.


Sixty women (average age: 44.8+1,1) underwent examination with the use of Skin XP Pro software, laser Doppler flowmetry and CAH psychological test for assessment of the effect of mesotherapy (MT) with the use of Ekyced P.I. cream on age-related changes in facial skin. A course of MT with the use of Ekyced P.I. cream, which was applied prior to and after mesotherapy, as well as Ubichinon Compositum and Placenta Compositum resulted in an evident reduction in the intensity of wrinkles, increase in the level of elasticity and hydration as well as normalization of the level of skin oiliness. The use of Ekyced P.I. regenerating cream resulted in a considerable reduction in the frequency of development of MT side effects such as edemas, erythema, purpura. Mesotherapy with the use of Ekyced P.I. in women older than 45 was accompanied by a more evident increase in the level of skin hydration and elasticity than in women younger than 45.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):155-159
pages 155-159 views

Fourth all-russian congress of dermatovenerologists and cosmetologists / second continentalcongress of dermatologists(JULY 6-9, 2011, St. Petersburg)



Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2011;87(5):161-163
pages 161-163 views

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