Algorithm for external treatment of dermatoses of mixed etiology


There has been an increase in the number of dermatology patients suffering from several concomitant skin diseases
of different etiology for the past decade. A special term - dermatoses of mixed etiology (DME) - was suggested to
describe this group of diseases. According to the authors, long-term uninterrupted treatment with one-component topical
drugs or unreasonable administration of three-component combination agents is the most frequent reason for DME.
The authors describe their positive experience of administering Travocort as a part of DME treatment. The effect of the
drug was observed as early as on the second day of its administration: there was an active regression of hyperemia,
edemas and skin oozing lesions in the foci. Itching and stinging disappeared almost completely, which also alleviated
the patients condition. On Days 3-4, no formation of new vesicles was observed, there were no oozing lesions, and
erosion cuticularization began on an active basis. Therefore, Travocort is a highly efficient drug for treatment of infectious
dermatoses complicated with eczematization as well as chronic inflammatory diseases exacerbated by a concomitant
fungous and bacterial infection.


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