What is a combination treatment and how it may be used in onychomycosis

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Combination treatment of onychomycosis is based on supplementation of systemic antifungal therapy with different
topical techniques, which now include antifungal nail lacquers. Controversies in establishing potential and efficacy of
combination treatment in onychomycosis may be overcome by rational administration of any treatment modality after
careful evaluation of both the disease and the patient. Application of antifungal nail varnishes such as 8% ciclopirox
offers several benefits in treating onychomycosis. With improved efficacy and safety, onychomycosis combination
therapy appears to be less expensive and more reliable in terms of reduced rates of relapse and re-infection. Russian
and international clinical trials and studies with ciclopirox nail lacquer have revealed the indications and proved the high
effectiveness of certain algorithms of combination treatment.


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