TLR - possible molecular target for biologic psoriasis therapy

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Target: studies of 2, 4, 9 types of TLR in the affected skin of patients with psoriasis with evaluation of morphometric indices. Маterial and methods. Immunohistochemical skin research at 15 patients, suffering from psoriasis (12 women and 18 men) in the age of 19-68 y.o. and at 10 healthy trial subjects. Results. The increased expression of TLR2 и TLR4 was revealed in the skin patients, suffering from psoriasis. Opinions. This fact enlarges considerably psoriasis pathogenesis perceptions and determines the new vector of research, forwarded to the search of the ethologic factor, as well as the optimization of existing methods of the systemic psoriasis therapy.

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Толл-подобные рецепторы - возможная молекулярная мишень для биологической терапии псориаза

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O R Katunina

A V Rezaykina


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