Isotretinoine in the treatment of rosacea

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Goal: Evaluation of isotretinoine acnecutane) in small doses (0,2 mg/kg/day) in the treatment of papulopustular stage of rosacea. Маterials and methods. 21 patients with papulopustular version of rosacea, not responding to traditional therapeutic methods have been examined. Patients were receiving small doses of isotretinoine acnecutane) (0,2 mg/kg/day). The efficiency of the performed therapy was evaluated with the dermatologic index of life quality. Results. The research has demonstrated the high efficiency of isotretinoine acnecutane) in the treatment of papulopustular stage of rosacea. The use of small doses of the substance allowed to minimize side effects, which can take place at the background of isotretinoine (acnecutane), providing the high safety of it’s application.

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Изотретиноин в лечении розацеа

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