Optimizing the therapy of the erosive and ulcerative form of lichen acuminatus in the mucous coat of the oral cavity


Objective. To assess the clinical efficacy of an antioxidant therapy with Mexidol for the treatment of patients suffering from lichen acuminatus in the mucous coat of the oral cavity. Materials and methods. The study involved 62 patients suffering from the erosive and ulcerative form of lichen acuminatus in the mucous coat of the oral cavity. The severity of dermatosis was assessed based on the determination of the affected area of the mucous coat of the oral cavity. The activity of antioxidant protection was assessed based on the determination of the level of lipid peroxidation products, total antioxidant activity and individual antioxidants in the peripheral blood. Results. The use of Mexidol contributed to the remission in 53.13% and substantial improvement in 37.50% of the patients, which corresponded to the indices for the group of patients to whom Metypred was administered. The share of adverse effects when Mexidol was used was twice as low as in the group of patients who were taking Metypred. Conclusion. The use of an anti-oxidizing agent such as Mexidol reduces the intensity of inflammations and adverse effects and contributes to the epithelialization of erosions.

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Оптимизация терапии эрозивно-язвенной формы красного плоского лишая слизистой оболочки полости рта


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