Epidemiological role of migrants in the propagation of syphilis in the territory of Urals, Siberia and Far East


The epidemiological role of migrants in the propagation of syphilis in the territory of Urals, Siberia and Far East has been studied. The syphilis incidence rate (per 100,000 of people under examination) among legal migrants was 5-30 times as high as among the autochthonic population. Latent forms (80.0%) prevailed in the clinical structure of migrants suffering from syphilis, and the percentage of contagious forms was high (62.7%). The share of migrants suffering from syphilis who withdrew from dermatovenerological observation after the diagnosis was made turned out to be high (37.5%). The authors also revealed risk factors affecting the growth in the syphilis incidence rate among labor migrants. The article discusses issues related to organizing reasonable anti-epidemic measures for the epidemiological group.


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