Results of investigation of the common immunoglobulin isotypes in Lues patients


The investigation of the level of common immunoglobulins in 59 patients with Lues and 23 patients with seroresistent Lues revealed some peculiarities that depend on both the clinical form and duration of the infection process as well as the presence of an associated specific affection of the central nervous system. Clinical sings typical for secondary Lues of the skin and mucus membranes are accompanied by intensified synthesis of the proinflammatory isotypes lgМ and IgG3 in the blood. Early hidden Lues is associated with formation of the antiinflammatory IgA isotype. An increased antibody formation is typical for early types of Lues whereas immunoglobulin levels in late types of the disease are normal. In case of a luetic affection of the central nervous system a decreased production of IgM is revealed.


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