Treatment of acne in women with various forms of hyperandrogenism

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The authors conducted a study of the urine steroid profile in 56 women with acne in order to determine the form of their hyperandrogenism
(HA). A ovarian form of HA was revealed in 28.7% of patients, a mixed form was revealed in 30.9%, and no laboratory
signs of any hyperandrogenic state were revealed in 40.4%. The determination of the HA form enabled the authors to efficiently
select a method of systemic treatment for the patients with the use of hormone drugs and to achieve excellent and good results in
70.4% for women with the ovarian form of HA and in 75.9% for women with the mixed form. As for the group of patients where no
HA form was determined, good and excellent results were observed in 30.4% of women.


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