Application of exifine in etiotropic treatment of zooanthroponotic trichophytia

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We have studied effect of Exifine on the dynamics of infectious process and some parts of the immune response at different stages of zooanthroponotic trichophytosis development. Functional activity of neutrophils, CD3, CD4, CD8, CD16, CD72, HLA-DR lymphocyte markers, TNFa, IL-1 β, IL-4 and IFN-γ cytokines were determined using immunological studies. Histomorphological changes of affected hair were studied during treatment. Effectiveness of Exifine at zooanthroponotic trichophytosis of scalp and smooth skin in children has been proven: mycological cure and persistent therapeutic effect. Exifine has no immunosuppressive activity as observed in Griseofulvin treatment.

About the authors

Z. R. Hismatullina

Bashkortostan State Medical University

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

R. U. Danilenko

Bashkortostan State Medical University


Russian Federation

A. U. Sultanbaeva

Bashkortostan State Medical University


Russian Federation

O. R. Mukhamadeeva

Bashkortostan State Medical University


Russian Federation


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