Personalized approach to the selection of therapy for patients with psoriasisbased on the results of molecular and genetic tests


The article presents the results of tests aimed at revealing biomarkers of patients clinical response to treatment with Infliximab
and phototherapy with the use of molecular and genetic technologies. The authors revealed that the predictor of evident clinical
response to treatment of psoriasis patients with Infliximab is the homozygous TT genotype at the 676 locus of exon 6 of the TNFR-
II gene; predictors of high efficacy and safety of treatment of psoriasis patients with Infliximab with the use of ultraviolet therapy
(PUVA and mid-wavelength ultraviolet therapy (311 nm)) are: heterozygous GA genotype at the 19007 locus of the ERCC gene
and homozygous CC genotype at the 27945 locus of the XPF gene.


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