Development of system of rendering an emergency medical service in a hospital inevitably brings up questions of its availability and quality. And, if the leading pathological syndrome which is a reason for hospitalization and posing threat for the patient's life deserves priority attention, the accompanying pathology often remains in the shadow. Thus skin diseases often are epidemiologically dangerous as for the patients having this illness and for the patients surrounding them and the medical personnel which is carrying out medical process. The assessment of a current state of a problem of delivery of health care by the patient with dermatological pathology in a hospital of an emergency medical service was a research objective. By results of research - surgical activity at patients with skin diseases made 88,3% that is much higher than the average level of surgical activity on a hospital (33,9%), they needed large volume of the most various laboratory diagnostic testings. Skin diseases or are a serious illness and conduct to a treatment failure, or significantly make heavier a condition of patients with various diseases (the hospital lethality in this group by 4-5 times exceeded an average value and I made 23,8%). Development of new models and the principles of the organization of medical and diagnostic process, introduction of methods of express diagnostics is required; obvious is also a role of the dermatovenereologist that will allow to increase availability and quality of the help to patients with dermatovenerologichesky pathology in a hospital of an emergency medical service.

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Russian Federation

Alexey Sukharev

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Irina Barsukova

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