Vol 90, No 2 (2014)

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A study of the level of circulating cytokines in patients with atopic dermatitis

Volkova Y.N., Morozov S.G., Tarasova M.V., Grigoriyeva A.A., Yelistratova I.V.


Goal of the study. To study the role of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines for the course of atopic dermatitis (AD). Materials and methods. The study involved 72 patients aged 25-55 suffering from atopic dermatitis for 2-30 years and with at least two relapses a year. The AD patients were assigned to the following groups depending on the SCORAD (iSc) index: Group 1: light form (iSc < 30 points), Group 2: moderate to severe form (iSc from 30 to 50 points) and Group 3: severe form (iSc > 50 points). The control group comprised 23 practically healthy subjects aged 25-35. The level of cytokines (IL-1 β, -4, -6, -8, -10, -12, -13, TNF-α and IFN-γ) in blood serum was determined based on the immune-enzyme assay method. Results. A trend to the increased production of anti-inflammatory cytokines (IL-4, -6, -10, -13) at the exacerbation stage and increased synthesis of pro-inflammatory ones (IFN-γ, TNF-α and IL-12) at the remission stage was observed in patients with atopic dermatitis, which confirms the dysregulation of reciprocal relationships between Th1 and Th2 lymphocyte subpopulations during the disease.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):26-30
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A study of the correlation between acantholysis and apoptosis for the pathogenesis of pemphigus vulgaris

Karacheva Y.V., Gaidash A.A., Prokhorenkov V.I.


The goal of the study is to determine the particular features of pemphigus vulgaris (PV) morphogenesis and keratinocytes in the patients’ skin having morphological signs of acantholysis and apoptosis as well as changes in Langerhans cells. Materials and methods. Skin tissue samples taken from 46 PV patients were examined. The skin tissue samples underwent cytology, histopathology and immunohistochemistry examinations as well as transmission electronic microscopy. An increased number of CD1a+ (dendritic) cells and apoptotic Cpp3+ keratinocytes was revealed in the skin of the PV patients. According to the electronic microscopy data, keratinocytes with signs of apoptosis are present in fresh vesicles in the acantholysis area at early PV stages quite seldom; at the same time, Langerhans cells had morphologic signs of activation. As the number of keratinocytes with desmosome lysis signs grew, the number of apoptotic keratinocytes was increasing reliably. Conclusion. In case of PV, apoptosis has a secondary nature and develops as anoikis.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):31-37
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Characteristics of the course of the Reiter’s syndrome in case of HIV-mediated immunodeficiency

Kovkova G.Y., Rybko O.P., Nikishina I.I., Rostovtseva Y.A., Shuklina G.A.


The Reiter’s syndrome is an under-investigated disease, which is often referred to as Waelsch urethritis. The onset and development of the Reiter’s syndrome depend on a number of factors including infective, genetic and immune ones. The article describes a medical case of a severe form of the Reiter’s syndrome in a young woman with HIV-mediated immunodeficiency. The clinical picture was characterized by rupioid eruptions, which confirms the severity of the patient’s disease. Conclusion. The Reiter’s syndrome in case of HIV-mediated immunodeficiency takes a more malignant course as erosive and ulcerous components as well as osteolytic joint destructions develop, and the condition is accompanied by exacerbations of opportunistic infections.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):55-59
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Combination therapy of acne in women: searching for optimum solutions

Goryachkina M.V., Belousova T.A.


Current data on the acne pathogenesis are given. According to the authors, dermatosis is becoming more prevalent among women of mature age. Issues related to the clinical picture, effect of exogenous and endogenous factors on the course of acne, and psychosocial characteristics of delayed acne manifestations in women are described in detail. The essential role of medical and cosmetic products for the complex therapy of acne is discussed. The authors describe their own experience of treating delayed acne using the Hyseac line of medical and cosmetic products in a combination with microdermabrasion and no-needle mesotherapy using the vitaPeel/vital О2 device.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):90-95
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Immunohistochemistry method and diagnostics of mycosis fungoides

Zhukov A.S., Belousova I.E., Samtsov A.V.


Clinical patient examinations are not enough for diagnosing lymphoproliferative skin diseases now. Histological diagnostics is an important auxiliary method; however, it is not always applicable. PCR is not a universal method for determining the clonality of infiltrate cells. The article describes present-day diagnostics methods with an emphasis on the immunohistochemistry method making it possible to identify the cell composition of affected skin.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):38-46
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Recurrent balanoposthitis of mixed etiology: relation to oral sex and selection of an efficient treatment method

Demianova O.B., Buravkova A.G.


Goal. To study the dependence between the recurrent balanoposthitis of mixed etiology and oral sex. To assess the efficacy, tolerance and cosmetic acceptability of a combination topical drug on the basis of a cream for the treatment of balanoposthitis of Candida and bacterial etiology. Materials and methods. An open-label single-arm non-randomized study involved 48 men aged 22-43 suffering from recurrent balanoposthitis of mixed etiology and their long-term sex partners. All of the subjects underwent the following tests: complete blood count, clinical urine test, blood biochemistry (AST, ALT, total bilirubin, thymol test and blood glucose), MRSA, blood tests for anti-hepatitis B and C virus antibodies, HIV-1/-2 antibody screening test, microscopy of urethral, vaginal and cervical canal materials, PCR for Chlamydia trachomatis, Trichomonas vaginalis, N. gonorrhoeae, Mycoplasma genitalium, Ureaplasma spp, bacterial swab tests based on urethral materials (in men), vaginal materials (in women) and throat (in subjects of both sexes), and microscopy of tongue scrapings. 46 male patients used the Candiderm cream (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) for 10-14 days. Physicians assessed the efficacy based on the symptom intensity and patient’s opinion. Results. In people who practiced unprotected oral sex, a high contamination of mucous coats in the oral cavity, throat and genitals with yeast fungi and opportunistic bacteria was revealed. C. Аlbicans was often found in diagnostically significant amounts in couples. The authors substantiate the possibility of a contact-type transmission of opportunistic bacteria during oral sex resulting in balanoposthitis of mixed Candida and bacterial etiology or exacerbation of their condition after sexual contacts in men practicing unprotected oral sex. Evident clinical efficacy and safety of the combination as well as good tolerance and convenience of application of the combination topical drug comprising beclomethasone dipropionate, gentamicin and clotrimazole for the treatment of balanoposthitis of Candida and bacterial etiology.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):47-54
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Development of a complex of preventive measures and their assessment to prevent the propagation of gonococcal infection in the arkhangelsk region

Kubanov A.A., Baryshkov K.V., Prib I.D., Frigo N.V.


Goal of the study. To assess the efficacy of a complex of preventive measures developed in 2011-2012 for preventing the propagation of gonococcal infection in the Arkhangelsk region based on a study of the gonococcal infection morbidity dynamics in the territory of the region in 2011-2013. Study materials and methods: the authors analyzed statistics on the gonococcal infection morbidity in the territory of the Arkhangelsk region. To assess the efficacy of the complex of measures developed to prevent the propagation of gonococcal infection and other STDs in the Arkhangelsk region, the morbidity dynamics rate was calculated. Results. A complex of preventive measures for preventing the propagation of gonococcal infection in the Arkhangelsk region was developed in 2011 and was put to practical use in 2012. In 2012, the gonococcal infection morbidity rate grew in the Arkhangelsk region by 49.1% vs. 2011. Such a growth can be explained by the improved procedures for recording cases of gonococcal infection used in departmental and private medical organizations as well as optimization of the infection diagnostics methods including cultural tests and PCR, in particular, in women. In 2013, the incidence of gonococcal infection fell down as compared to 2012 (85.3 cases per 100,000 people in 2012 and 68.6 cases in 2013) including among teenagers (76.9 cases per 100,000 people in 2012 and 52.9 cases in 2013) in most municipal districts of the Arkhangelsk region (in 20 districts and towns, or 76.9% of the territory). Conclusions. Practical implementation of the complex of preventive measures developed to prevent the propagation of gonococcal infection and other STDs in the Arkhangelsk region substantially reduced the morbidity of gonococcal infection in the territory of the region. The collected data are sufficient to give a positive assessment of the developed measures and emphasize their contribution to the reduction of the morbidity of gonococcal infection.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):16-25
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Antibacterial drugs in the form of sprays for the topical treatment of pyodermas and dermatoses complicated with a secondary infection

Matushevskaya Y.V.


The article covers issues related to the application of topical antibacterial drugs for the treatment of pyodermic skin diseases. The author describes mechanisms of action and advantages of the topical form of antibiotics and GCS for the topical treatment of pyodermas. The article substantiates indications for the administration of topical GCS drugs in a combination with antibacterial drugs. The efficacy and safety of antibacterial and combination topical drugs such as Neomycin, Oxycort and Polcortolon TC in the form sprays for the treatment of pyodermas and complicated forms of chronic dermatosis.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):60-63
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Rationale for selecting antihistamine drugs for the therapy of chronic urticaria in terms of efficacy and safety

Skorokhodkina O.V., Klyucharyova S.V.


Goal of the study. To compare the efficacy of antihistamine drugs for the therapy of chronic urticaria taking into consideration their effect on the patients’ cognitive functions. Materials and methods. The study involved 178 patients with chronic urticaria who were divided into six groups taking second generation antihistamine drugs: Cetirizine (n = 38), Levocetirizine (n = 27), Fexofenadine (n=26), Ebastine (n = 33), Loratadine (n = 26) and Desloratadine (n = 28). The patients recorded dynamic changes in clinical symptoms of the disease (number of urticarial components, skin itching intensity, availability or absence of urticarial derniographism, angioedema signs and signs of the shortness of breath and reduced blood pressure) in their individual diaries. Baseline signs of the patients’ cognitive condition and those recorded during the treatment were studied using the Kraepelin’s arithmetic test (modified by Schulte), I.M. Lushchikhina’s verbal and visual thinking assessment method and method for memorizing ten words. The control group comprised 31 subjects without chronic urticaria. Results of the study. Ebastine and Fexofenadine are the most efficient antihistamine drugs for the treatment of chronic urticaria. At the same time, they do not have any negative effect on the patients’ cognitive functions so they can be recommended for long-term treatment of chronic urticaria. In spite of its evident positive therapeutic effect, Cetirizine reduces mental alertness and deteriorates thinking in patients with chronic urticaria. Because of this, the drug must be prescribed with care for long-term administration to those patients whose professional activities demand increased attention concentration. Loratadine has a positive effect on the patients’ attention and thinking. However, taking into consideration its low efficacy, the drug can be prescribed as the basis therapy for the treatment of light forms of chronic urticaria.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):64-71
pages 64-71 views

Naftifine and therapy of fungal skin infections: 40 years of success

Matushevskaya Y.V., Svirshchevskaya Y.V.


The article presents the results of international and Russian clinical studies to assess the efficacy and safety of topical antimycotic drugs for the treatment of skin mycoses. The authors demonstrate the advantages of Naftifine (compliance and efficacy) as compared to other topical drugs. Taking into consideration a broad range of its action including antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, Naftifine can be considered as a first-line drug for the treatment of superficial dermatomycoses including complicated with a bacterial infection.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):72-77
pages 72-77 views

Zineryt: external therapy of acne

Korchevaya T.A.


Acne is a socially significant disease affecting an overwhelming majority of teenagers, which often results in serious social disadaptation. The problem of acne treatment remains urgent especially taking into consideration the fact that the respective pathogen, P. acnes, demonstrates a growth in its resistance. The problem can be solved by using a combination therapy comprising resistance inhibiting drugs along with antibiotics. The erythromycin and zinc solution is one of the most promising combinations.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):78-82
pages 78-82 views

Application of Safocid in clinical practice (review of the results of studies carried out in Russia)

Khryanin A.A., Reshetnikov O.V.


This systematic review presents the data on using the Safocid complex drug for the treatment of a combination or unknown pathology of the urogenital tract as well as for the prevention of pre- and post-surgical complications in case of urologic and gynecologic interventions. According to the review of 39 articles, the authors of most of the publications assess the drug efficacy as high while the amount of adverse effects is minimum.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):83-88
pages 83-88 views


Centennial anniversary of the Saratov research association of dermatologists and venereologists

Zavyalov A.I., Uts S.R., Orkin V.F., Morrison A.V.


The article describes major historic stages of the Saratov Research Association of Dermatologists and venereologists. The authors describe the Society’s role in the establishment and development of the dermatovenerological service, health education, prevention and improvement of measures aimed at fighting sexually transmitted and contagious skin diseases as well as training highly skilled personnel and promoting health care services in the region.
Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii. 2014;90(2):96-100
pages 96-100 views

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